Welcome to Taron Design.

We have taken on some very interesting projects in this past year and want to show them off.

Taron Design is an exclusively independent design firm that provides custom residential house plans. Our forte is working with hand crafted logs: logs which still have their character of knots and taper and crown. If you enjoy the rustic look of natural stone and timber, you have come to the right place.

I'm Rick Taron, the principal designer for Taron Design. I spent 23 years building commercial and residential log homes and now for the past seven years have been serving clients and planning their projects.

Please stay and browse--and feel free to call or email us for any project planning needs you may have, whether they be large or small.

Contact us:
Rick Taron - rick@logdesign.com
3541 Alm Road
Everson, WA. 98247
Phone: 360-312-4182
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