Over the years, I've received some glowing feedback from my clients. Here is a sample.

"I'm very pleased with this plan."
~ Brett N.

"I had saved a couple pictures from your website a year or so ago that gave us some inspiration, it was the Marlin House you designed. (This was also the reason we saved your company info....for future achitect services, we hadn't seen this type of very creative style anywhere else and fell in love with it)."
~ Kathy U.

We really like the overall look!
And you're the first person that has designed something for us that started when he said he would - thanks much!"
~ Steve and Erica G.

"I've got chills!!! :) Incredible -- you do good work!!!"
~ Joan S.

"Thanks so much for getting us the plans a day earlier than promised. It really is a cool design - wow!"
~ Mike & Carol K.

"JC, my builder, has advised that, the ONLY company I should go with IS Taron!"
~ Gordon M.

Wow! It looks incredible.
~ John G.

While the names are edited for privacy, these are quotes straight from my email inbox so be carefull what you say, it may get published. :) If you would like real names for references I would be glad to provide you with them.

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